Plasma is the 4th of elements after solid, liquid as well as gaseous. It creates the ionized particles when high energy adds to the gaseous. It is a form of light such as thunderbolt with a tremendous amount of energy.  When plasma penetrates to the dermis, it stimulates the fiber cells to vitalize the generation of collagen. As a result, skin regeneration period is shortened, and malignant cells degrade.


Want to cool down the skin troubles?

Generally, skin regeneration takes 3 to 4 weeks after skin trouble occurs. Plasma energy vitalizes the collagen cells and shortens skin regeneration period.

Use your current cosmetic products.

Plasma delivers the energy to the dermis by eradiating it with the size of 20~50um, which is smaller than the skin pore, At the same time, Plasma helps active ingredients from epidermis absorbed to dermis so that real effects of cosmetic products can maximize.

Ergonomic design for jawline lifting!

Plinic has designed to maximize the contact surface of plasma spheres with two Ø35 size lamps (75mm width, 35mm height), and adjusted the space between two lights at 5mm, therefore, to minimize the usage time and have everyone enjoy the jawline lifting feature.

Visible light is essential!

At the time of plasma radiation, blue wavelength (400~480nm) generates at the visible light domain. This light helps terminate the P.acnes, one of the reasons for acne, and promotes acne treatment by removal of bacterial dermatitis causative organism.


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